Sunday, August 16, 2009

Status updates in Facebook....

One of the most fun things about Facebook leaving aside the voyeuristic aspect which is a necesary part of the process, are the status updates.

They are not only a barometer to measure the 'status' of the person in question [a mini blog in itself] but also lead to interesting conversations much like the comment threads in blogs.

Often times you can tell who is fighting with whom and the undertones of what is not said tells so much more. The passion with which some make declarations of love and hate, bitter remonstrations, public displays of affection and lifetime achievements or the dull drudge of daily life are all part and parcel of this wonderful vehicle.

In any case I am digressing as usual - this is one of my status update and following comments which lead me to thinking... I think maybe first you should read for yourself.

Amber Azam-Kureshi's reflecting... There can be no happiness without the courage to deconstruct... that's why I suppose there are not too many truly happy contented people around

Friend #1
"sometimes the deconstruction isnt in ure if u were to deconstruct maybe u would have done it differently????and hence it requires luck then anything else...."

Friend # 2
"well i have spent the last few years deconstructing.. so i warmly await happiness as my reward"

Friend #3
"Luck, fate, coincidences..are misconception of our times. Believing in the above will result in a life tossed and turned by its conditions. Aim for a life where you dictate your circumstances..We make our own destiny!

“Increase your selflessness to such heights that before creating each destiny, God himself will have to ask the human “What is your opinion about this”.

Each and every one of us has to deconstruct in our life time, some do it knowingly and others in ignorance.

Who says that we have to wait for happiness or, go through the deconstruction phase being unhappy? Accepting the good and the not soo good from the divine with gratitudet will generate this content/happiness... Believe me, God has a clear plan for us!
"God does not play dice" Albert Einstein

Amber Azam-Kureshi
"When I was talking about deconstruct there was a clear distinction between ‘destroy' and 'deconstruct' sometimes we have to methodically and brick by brick take care of the excess we have accumulated - whether it is in material goods or emotional hang ups or misconceptions about the routes to happiness or what the world thinks constitutes as right or wrong.Sometimes we have to take chance and risks to make drastic paradigm shifts only then do we find out that what we previously thought we couldn’t live without or die for, doesn’t have the importance we give it.
And clutter does come in the way of happiness".

I have been thinking about this conversation in the midst of nappy changes and food wars and have concluded that yes it is not merely semantic there is a clear distinction and that lies in the method and rationality involved. To destroy somehow implies to emotionally ransack its irrational and thoughtless whereas deconstruction would be very logical, cold and ruthless

Even the words echo their delivery!

PS: Doesn't the word destiny imply that it is not in your hands?????


Ricardo said...

Hello!!! Good to see you back. Or at least I hope you are back.

Random Magus said...

Trying my best!!!!

Michelle said...

Welcome back. :-)
And CONGRATS on your gorgeous new baby girl. :-)

meleah rebeccah said...

Im sooo happy you are back to blogging! And I love Status Updates because I get to talk in the third person!

Random Magus said...

Thanks Michelle

I adore them too Meleah

John said...

...and you thought you had nothing to blog about.

I hope that you are truly happy!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Didn't know you were on Facebook, Amber. I'll send you a Friend request ASAP.

Random Magus said...

John: being with her makes me truly happy

jean luc: I added you

Greg said...

I'm not getting how you are assigning any kind of valuation (good/bad/positive/negative) to the concept of deconstructing something. Deconstruction is one of numerous analytical methods.

Happiness, I've been thinking of late, only comes through ignorance (lack of knowledge), because happiness itself is meaningless. We can make vague statements about happiness and the world will agree with us, but should we define what it is to be happy, and very little agreement will be found.

This is because happiness, the word, is non-specific as it doesn't point to anything concrete and everyone simply assumes they know what you are talking about. This is also why many people complain about a lack of happiness because they are looking for something but don't know what it is because they haven't defined happiness for themselves.

In regard to your original status update, I would have responded as always that happiness is not a destination; it is a transitory state of being. We don't live happy lives, we live had have moments of happiness. And it is much more difficult to have moments of happiness when you are aware, than when you are ignorant.

It's like you and your neighbor are each throwing a party, only you notice that a large meteor is hurtling down from the sky and will crush both of your houses in the next few hours. Who is going to have the better time?

Random Magus said...

I totally agree with what you are saying in fact I think I once even posted about ignorance being bliss. Maybe in this post I should replace the word happiness with contentment or a sense of self at peace with itself

Bohemian Bloggess said...

This post is exactly what I was thinking the other day. I love your profile description...I swear I could've wrote it myself!