Monday, November 28, 2016


In life there are always choices whether you choose to believe that or not. Sometimes not acting on a choice is a making a choice in itself. We can be fatalists and blame everything on destiny or the stars to take the easy way out but that would be a very passive way of living. Laziness and inertia can help one escape for a while but life is bound to catch up,  you need to push forward otherwise the merry go around will never stop turning.  But in all this staying true to oneself is of the utmost importance because going against your beliefs and the set of rules you have in place for yourself is bound to cause pain and great unease after the immediate gratification of pleasure. Life doesn't owe you favors you need to make your choices work with a deliberate intent to act! Burying your head in the sand and waiting for something to happen or blow over can work for a while but it's a bandaid on a bullet hole. So the best action is to grow up take responsibility for your action and your choices and move on!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Words swim up but something holds them at bay

Maybe it's me maybe it's you

Maybe I know if put them down they won't stop 

Maybe that is what I am am scared off 

The onset of feelings and questions they will bring in tow

The end of blissfully ignorance the comforting numbness 

It's so much easier not feel so much easier not to think 

Not to have a raging storm battering the confines of my brains 

Or Maybe I am waiting for audience

Do I perform only for you my spectators

Is there nothing I do which is for myself 

How much praise do I need

How much affirmation 

Why I can't I be enough for myself

Why do I need you to read and understand and praise......