Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just a thought

You know as kids we all imagined that our toys came to life in the night, when we couldn't see them and had a life of their own. Especially if you read a lot of Enid Blyton, with tales of golliwogs and naughty dolls.

Well the other night lying in bed reading a particularly favorite author I thought how cool would it be if the characters in a book did the same. Imagine them all coming alive inside the book and living out the words. And how fabulous if we could get a chance to slip into the books as an onlooker or an extra in a movie set.

It really would be a dream come true - that's why I love dreams so much - because these things do happen in dreams especially if you have weird dream like me

PS: The book I was reading was 'Bloodsucking Fiends' by Christopher Moore


John said...

When my kids were little, bedtime stories were of two little boys (Franky and Freddy) that we (I) made up. One of the things that Franky and Freddy could do was that they could go into Aaron's baseball cards, the kids television shows or the videos that they watched.

The kids could interact with characters through their imaginary friends. I don't think that we ever "went into" their books, but that would be fun too!

Greg Becerra said...

Try reading "The Kugelmas Episode" by Woody Allen.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A good thought. I'd love to be an 'extra' in a classic novel

candoor said...

i remember when i used to read regularly... i miss it, but have so little time... but what you describe, wishing the characters could come to life - or that i could step into the story... while i suspend reality, i keep the condition that it i non-lethal (or that death is not the end, but just a reset of the story) cuz life is threatening enough and i want my 'stories' to be more fun than life...

i ought to read you more often :)

Amel said...

Ah...this post reminds me of what I want...the kind of room that they have in Star that room you can be the characters in a movie. I remember in that episode, one of the crew in Star Trek became Sherlock Holmes. :-D

Mark said...

It would be fun and I am sure many people who make books into movies have the same dream and vision that you do.

Michelle said...

Nice idea ...and so nice to read your blog again.

It might depend on the book. I'd rather be "real" in a Jane Austen than a Steven King. ;-)

Random Magus said...

John: That sounds really cool I hope to do such fun things with Aleyna

Greg: I did - I would keep going in the book though

Jean Luc-Picard: I would love to be in an Agatha Christie novel :")

Candoor: You would choose the book

Amel: It would be so much fun if we had gadgets that could do that

Mark: You absolutely correct that is how they would do justice to it

Michelle: Which Jane ~Austen? Pride and Prejudice or sense and Sensibility or Emma

Michelle said...

Sense and Sensibility is my favourite. :-)