Thursday, October 11, 2007

Of Dreams...

There are some things in life that should always stay a fantasy, a dream, a beautiful piece of fiction that gives you joy.

Because when and if it comes true - guaranteed it'll never be as rich and varied as it is in your dreams.

Because in your dreams you are not the writer or the creator just the spectator living a story, but each time with a different end and a different beginning. Powerless yet totally enthralled.

That's what's so wonderfully liberating about dreams, a free ticket to travel to lands - enchanted and magical. Beautiful beyond your wildest imagination unpredictable and dangerous at times, sweet and innocent at others.

Dreams - the little pieces of fiction that belongs to only us - heard by no one, seen by no one - shared with no one!

A precious gift - that we take for granted but never should

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Rambler said...

"Because in your dreams you are not the writer or the creator just the spectator living a story"

hmm what a thought..

you know I have cribbed for becoming dreamless these days and have written a lot about it, I hate the feeling of being dreamless.

in a way this kind of reassures me I am not the only one:)

John said...

Beautifully said...and a really cool picture, too.

Joseph said...

I once had a dream where this giant moth came out of this piece of cake I was eating, ate it, then somehow, I ended up being a moth and became its wife....

but I don't think those are the types of dreams you are talking about, are they....

nor do I think I belong here writing comments anymore, do I....

Amel's Realm said...

WONDERFUL pic and prose, Amber!!!

I also think the same way: that fantasies are mostly better off stay that way 'coz in real life we get to pay the price and it's usually not as beautiful as in our minds he he he...

Anyway, I hope you don't mind that I'm tagging you with the Dinner Party Meme since now you're back again.

I'm CURIOUS about what you're gonna do! ;-D

Here's the link:

Dinner Party Meme

QUASAR9 said...

Aaah, Dreams
the land of Prince Charming
the Love and Happy Ever After

of course there may be witches and goblins, and bad guys, but they are never quite as cold or bad as in 'real' life, and in dreams we can always give it a happy ending

Pen and the Sword said...

That is so true. I wish my dreams weren't so whacked though. I often wonder about my mental health, some of the creepy oddities that happen in my dreams!

meleah rebeccah said...

what a beautiful take on one's dreams.

I loved this post.

The Real Mother Hen said...

When I dream of Brat Pitt. I call it magic and I drool privately.

When I dream of me being a superhero. I call it enchanting and I enjoy it secretly.

When I dream of being eaten alive by some horrible alien bacteria. Well that's the dream I want to share with the world.

Titania Starlight said...

I loved this post. Do you know I have a dream blog? :o)

I like your prospective and the pic you chose is perfect.

kellypea said...

Mmm...I appreciate my dreams, as odd as they can be. They teach me with their subtle messages, making me wonder where it all came from. Very pleasant post.

insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

Amber this is what I love about you... your ability to make us take notice of the simplest things. I love my fantasy life... It's my escape from reality and I am in total control. My dream life however is another story... I have more than my share of bad dreams and I hate the lack of control. If I'm lucky enough to be lucid dreaming... well at least I can change the outcome.
Great post!

Mark said...

I suspect that dreams are much more than we realize.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Dreams are the ultimate in pricay and freedom.

Josie Two Shoes said...

This post evoked so many thoughts of beautiful dreams I've had, the kind you wake up feeling disappointed to discover that they arent' really happening. I think that dreams are sometimes life's gift to us... a way to set us free from the prisons of our existance. Lovely post, beautifully written!

keeyit said...

Nice phrases..

I seldom dream actually. If I dreamt means alot of stress lol..

B said...

I have sooo many dreams! some have come true some thankfully have not

HollyGL said...

My dreams always so vividly reflect my current lot in life. I have had those from which I never wanted to wake, and those from which I literally willed my eyes to open.

Our psyche's ability to create in that unbounded state is so profound. It really is quite awsome. Unbelievably cool pic, by the way, Amber. :)

QUASAR9 said...

lol Random,
I can just imagine you laying like that slipping into your dreamland fantasy

Hey Hollygl, whatever happened to your blog. Have you set up another blog?
Just as I was planning xmas in Chicago

zero_zero_one said...

Well said, too often we're disappointed that our hopes and dreams don't turn out as we would wish - at least we have the wonder and beauty of our dreams.

And that is a very lovely picture! Who is it by?

Mike French said...

Good to see you back.

I quess a lot of dreams come from your subconscious as you process the day and thoughts. As dreams they remain private.

As a writer they end up in stories as your subconscious processes your feelings, no matter how hard you try not to include them and sometimes you can feel a bit vunerable!

Lirun said...

i agree with your post and disagree

dreams include visions and memories..

i remember as a kid i use to paint a lot.. paintings that would take months.. id then frame and exhibit.. they never ended up as i had imagined but the power of reality surpasses every dream.. and it validates our imagination..

i thnk visions we should seek to materialise..

i do however agree with you at the memory level - memories have their own magic.. seeking repetition is futile.. its better to reinvent.. but thats just my view..

the domestic minx said...

Ahh, to sleep, perchance to dream..
How I love to dream...
When I eventually fall into my bed I love the feeling of sleep overtaking me and my slow descent into Orpheus' world..
My dreams are always incredibly lucid and very often are repeated in my everyday life.
(cue theme from the Twilight Zone..)


Liara Covert said...

Dreams inspire and motivate us to evolve into what we've always known about ourselves. Some people spend time interpreting them and others simply go out and follow instincts to make them happen. I love the graphic you chose and your reflections on this. I'm grateful to discover your website. Life is what we make it, both in sleeping worlds and the world we project and crete when awake.

Bilbo said...

What great thoughts, and how true! Our dreams represent our perfect desires, and we all know that reality is never perfect. I'll take the dreams any time!

Zakman said...

"Because when and if it comes true - guaranteed it'll never be as rich and varied as it is in your dreams."

You're so subtle in expressing profound thoughts, Random. :)

I think it's like taking a vacation--two-thirds of the fun is in the planning.

Like just about everything else in life. The anticipation is the key.

Going through a dental fixture is only five per cent of the pain.

The anticipation of sitting in a dentist's chair is 95 per cent of the pain.

And that's where Zen comes in... I think or I don't think.

derick said...

you should try the art of lucid dreaming, where you are the creator and the writer of each moment that you sleep.
even if you think that you are a spectator in your own dreams---whatever you do consciously works it's way through the unconscious--you are never a passive traveler in your dreams or your life ( well it is much more fun to be aware and not oblivious)
thanks for the posting

Old-Things said...

Hey girl - how have you been? I hope your absence has been due to more interesting things happening in your life. Enjoyed your last post. Keep it coming unless you have something better to do!

Random Magus said...

Me too - I really cherish my dreams... although I forget the vivid details but I somehow remember the essence

Thank you John.

That's pretty fantastic - I have had some really weird ones as well ;)

Amel's Realm:
Thank you sweetie - `I feel so happy I finally did your memes.

What's amazing and sad at the same time, is the fact that there is always an expiration date... you do wake up...makes it sweeter somehow.

Pen and the Sword:
It would be cool if I could remember all my dreams in details - that would be seriously awesome. I have had my share of wacky dreams.

meleah rebeccah:
Thanks... :)

The Real Mother Hen:
What an absolutely creative, fun comment - I LOVED it....

Titania Starlight:
I didn't know about your dream blog - I'll check it out for sure.

Thanks - I love mine too except the ones in which you wake up and are so grateful that you were dreaming.

insanity-suits-me (Dawn):
Day dreaming - just as fun. I wonder if one can control the dreams they have before they go to bed?

I am so fascinated with the mechanics of dreaming. It's like a storeroom of amazing treasures locked in our head that can only slip out at night when we are sleeping.

Jean-Luc Picard:
It sure is

Josie Two Shoes:
I know and sometimes you wake up and just savor the dream before jumping out of bed

Dreaming is really a lot of fun :)

You are lucky!

Random Magus said...

This happens to me as well. Once I had a dream in a dream in which I thought that my best friend and I were having the same dream and in my dream I am telling her that we are dreaming and that she should remember to note it down. Really weird, sounds mad even as I am writing:)

I sleep at 6 in the morning and then dream for four hours :)

It's from Google, I have added the website underneath the picture now. :)

Mike French:
What I love about dreams is that they are the one thing that belong totally to you - it appeals to my possessive nature.

I somehow think some elements always get lost in translation. And in some things reality may supercede but generally I think dreaming takes the cake :)

the domestic minx:
Mine too - And I am often so creative in them. I see the most beautiful houses, clothes, works of art, all created by me. It's awful sometimes when I don't dream - I feel so empty.

Liara Covert:
Hi and thanks for stopping by - sorry for such a long delay in replying. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Dreams - God's little gifts. I'd take them anytime as well :)

Hey - How are you - so good to hear from you. Hope all is well. I love planning and the excitement that ensues before, whether it's a vacation or going to a party. Most of the times the planning and the anticipation is far more are so right.

I would love to - what power that would be! Sometimes when you wake up from a dream and you go back and will yourself to continue it - that's what you're doing I guess.

Was ill - actually still am. The worse stomach ache ever. I can't even straighten up without it hurting.

Jeff said...

Too bad we cannot buy a ticket for a dream instead of involuntary going to hell from time to time.