Saturday, August 21, 2010

of dreams

Dreams are like the shock absorbers of our mind they are the amniotic fluid that protects us - the brain defense against the monotonousness of everyday life. I love dreaming - my own mind shocks and stuns me and shows me a side of me that I didn't know I had.

Sometimes in my dreams I design the most beautiful houses, the most gorgeous clothes - I am a maker of beauty. I sometimes wonder if that capability is locked somewhere deep inside and I could unlock it with some fancy drug?

I sometimes like to think that we are actually two people one that functions when we are awake and the other rebellious twin that is locked up, and it waits for night to come out and play .

Or maybe they are both just as real but exist on different planes of times and space. Just the way when its night in some parts of the world and there is day in others - maybe our waking life is the dream of our dream self.

What I am trying to explain very badly is that when we are awake our other self is dreaming and our waking life is that dream and vice versa

Did that make it any sense?? Its kind of exciting when you think about it. Our dreaming selves meet people that we haven't!!


Amel said...

Hmmm...I sure don't want some of my dreams to come true 'coz they're just too crazy, wild, weird he he he he...

Greg Becerra said...

Imagine a planet where consciousness is a precious thing. So precious that we must share. So half of us sleep while the other half experiences. Yet while the one half sleeps they get to feel and see everything the other half does.

I sleep while you live out your day and I can only watch. You sleep while I live out my day and you can only watch. Each of our realities becomes the other's fantasies. It's that distance that forms desire. So while you walk through your day smelling the morning air or tasting something sweet, your dream self lies immobile wanting to be you.

Random Magus said...

Amel: Some of mine are as well

Greg: You have written what I feel so much better than I ever could!

Mark said...

It is a great question to ask, what is the dream and what is the reality? In many ways all is a dream and all is real.