Friday, August 31, 2007

My Interview with Mike

Hey guys! I was interviewed by Mike Thomas for his blog. It is a great blog because it introduces you to other blogs and bloggers.

Thank you Mike, it was fun!

When I saw his mail I had gone for my brother-in-law's wedding and so I did the interview when I got back. He posted it a couple of days ago, but I didn't get a chance to blog about it

It would be really cool if you guys checked it out. And I think there is a voting thing on it.
I couldn't post about it earlier as my mom-in-law is over for a week and I have been out with her all day.
The interview can be found here.

P.S.: And a note
Also, we suggest that you ask your readers to vote for your blog as
the top three will receive $50, $35, and $15 respectively at the end
of the month.

For more info visit:

Thanks again,

Mike Thomas


Mark said...

Cool, going to check it out.

Josie Two Shoes said...

I got an interview request too, Amber. I was going to do it, but was a bit put off with all the pop-up advertising links. I find that annoying. Made me wonder if that was the real motivation of the site. I liked the idea though. I read your interview - it was great!

the domestic minx said...

When I too find the time, I will be indulging myself in an interview...
I'm going to check yours out immediately!!


Random Magus said...

Mark: Thanks

josie two shoes: You should do it - it's fun. Thank you so much

the domestic minx: I will wait for it with bated breath as I'm sure it'll be such a delightful read.

Robert said...

Love your site, as I hope you know. Checked out your interview and I hope it turns a few more people on to coming over and giving you a read. Glad to know you.

Ricardo said...

I received an interview request from this gentleman myself. I may take him up on it.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Love it :) can imaging you answering the questions with grace and over a glass of wine...

Shelby said...

interesting interview.. take care and happy happy day today!

Random Magus said...

Thank you very much Robert. Although I am quite happy with the ones I have now. I love ya all

You should do it. What's the harm. It'll be fun reading.

The Real Mother Hen:
I'm blushing. Thank you, you know I think I did have a glass of wine in hand when I was doing the questions. :)

Thank you Shelby

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'll go take a look. I'm sure it will be a great interview.

meleah rebeccah said...

I voted for you darling.

HollyGL said...

I was there too! Voted for you, of course. :) Great interview, Amber.

Random Magus said...

Jean-Luc Picard:
Thanks you very much!

meleah rebeccah:
I know - thank you so much for the great compliment as well.

And thank you Steph - I was so touched to see the sweet things everyone said.


insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

I definitely gave you a thumbs up!
I got an interview request too! Haven't had time... but hopefully soon! Have a great weekend Amber!

Michael C said...

You got my vote!!! (It's a thumbs up, by the way).

Random Magus said...

insanity-suits-me (Dawn):
Thanks and you too!

Michael C:
Thank you for not giving me the thumbs down ;)

Anonymous said...

hey congrats! i was interviewed too i put mine on the right side bar..instead of in a post like you did.. prolly cuz i couldnt figure out how to link it!! ha! you deserve it...i'll be over to vote!