Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fab 4

The beautiful HollyGl tagged me with the fun, "Fab Four" meme. So here it is. I made it on the postcard site and figured out how to grab a screen on a Mac [apple, shift, and 4 - the cursor becomes a bull's eye and then you select the area and bam it's done]. The original 1 and 2 can be found in the links provided. Then I read a post by Phil from Thoughtsparks in which he had mentioned a program called Jing which did just that. Thank you, Phil.

P.S.: Are you guys having problems with Blogger as well? For some people's new posts don't show then I have to check in Technorati and access them through there.


QUASAR9 said...

lol Random,
Four Places you'd like to Be
I presume you don't mean at the same time. Hard enough to be in one

Let me see: I'd like to be on a boat on the arabian sea, ride a camel across the rift, dive and swim in the great barrier reef, and still be back it time to boogie wherever you may be.

John said...

Nicely done. Very creative.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Love the postcards... love your answers!

I read that one of the feed problems might be with the Fireburner interface, so I adjusted the settings. See if that helps. But you should be able to access my blog directly at it's address. Haven't heard of any issues with that, so far!

Amel's Realm said...

Hey, this is SOOOOOOO creative!!! ;-D LOVE it!!!

Random Magus said...

quasar9: I just realized that now - maybe I can split into 4.

John: Thanks - it was done on the postcard site,

Josie two shoes: I as having the same problem with a couple of other blogs as well.

amel's realm: Thanks

B said...

the breakfast club- loved it

and no so far knock on wood no problems with blogger.

Random Magus said...

b: One of my My all-time favs.

confessing7girl said...

did not hv any problems with blogger!!! oh i love house and heroes and the fightclub too!!! :D

HollyGL said...

Dang, Amber, it looks like we're the only ones having problems with Blogger... :(

You did such a beautiful job with that meme! ...and you think you don't deserve the "Creative Blogger" award!?! I'd say you're the top dog where that's concerned! ...or rather, top CAT! ;)

I love Amadeus. I haven't seen V For Vendetta yet, but have heard its great.

insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

Very creative!
Blogger has a lot of issues. Posts not showing up are very common.
You can check here for help:

Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Amber,

Follow this link and go claim your Award:

Blogging Star Award

Anonymous said...

THAT was really cool. but you're lookin at a technically stoopid person here... lord knows if i can figure out how to do THAT. good one!

Anonymous said...

I kind of feel like I'm echoing everybody here, but that was an incredibly creative and unique way to answer that meme.

Joseph said...

seriously though, how great of a movie is Amadeus? And Fight Club? I think those are both in my top 5 movies of all time

Titania Starlight said...

That looks so fun and creative. I like fun and creative. :o)

Nope, no problems here with Blogger. (Knocking on wood.)

Random Magus said...

Hey thanks... I have seen Fight Club more times than I can recount:)

Thanks[meeows purringly]- you must must see V for Vendetta - it's a fantastic movie. Another movie I have see a billion times.
I am definitely having problems, there are some bloggers that I just don't see new posts from so then I have to via Technorati :(

insanity-suits-me (Dawn):
Thank you - it was great fun doing it. Guess I have lots of free time on my hands till college begins September 7th
{grins sheepishly}

Amel's Realm:
Thanks a lot!
Starlight star bright :)

Random Magus said...

Thanks - I'm quite terrible with technical stuff as well - just some things, like editing a movie or making postcards and stuff I take immediately to and figure them out quickly.

Thank you - it's an echo I'm definitely enjoying very much :)

KICKASS! seriously. The moment he realizes the truth - it's a classic

Titania Starlight:
Touchwood. You know you were one of the people I was about to tag this meme on and then I forgot to tag it on anybody

The Real Mother Hen said...

oh i love the name Scheherazade but won't name my daughter that name too :)

Random Magus said...

Me neither :)

meleah rebeccah said...

What GREAT answers.

And THANK YOU for showing me HOW to do the Apple Paparazzi screen shots! He! I just practiced it, and THAT is friggin awesome.

Ah yes, WHY we LOVE Apple (and Steve Jobs!)