Thursday, September 13, 2007

Erratic Much?

Hey everyone - have been really erratic with my blogging and looks like the coming two weeks are going to be insane. So I apologize for not commenting the way I do normally, as well as taking so long to reply to the comments left behind. Hopefully things should settle down soon. I miss not having time for my blog :(

Edited to add:- Before I forget again I must thank Blur and Michelle for giving me the 'Nice Matters' Award and also apologize for taking so long to say thank you. Marzie had given me this award earlier on and I had thanked her, but thank you again:)
And thank you to
Titania for the 'You Make me Smile' award.

Well! Getting it made me smile:)

Warning :another postcard coming up........ *grins sheepishly*


HollyGL said...

Wow, Amber, that is so weird!! I'll still be around here and there. xoxo

John said...

I hope that the coming weeks aren't too bad. I'll be looking forward to your return.

Amel's Realm said...


Yeah, I know what you mean. It sucks when you don't have enough time to blog. :-(((

LOVE the postcard as usual. ;-D

Blur Ting said...

Hey Amber. Life's like that. We go through changes in schedules and priorities etc. Otherwise it would be so mundane right?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hope you'll be back soon, Amber.

the domestic minx said...

Oh darling,
I thoroughly understand.
I too have been a little erratic of late.
My book is a demanding beast and there is simply not enough time in the day for all the writing and my ceaseless and inevitable social life.
Sometimes it is chaos, isn't it!!!

Rebecca said...

Hi, there. I have been erratic in my visiting as well as my writing, so for that I apologize, too. But you know, sometimes you gotta live life rather than write about it. I am sure we'll all keep checking in :)

Sandip Maiti said...

Hey I sent you a postcard. Take it easy!

meleah rebeccah said...

Congrats sweety! You make me smile and think ALL the time.

I hope your next two weeks fly by and go smoothly so you can get back to hanging out with us!

LOVE the post cards!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Being busy in REAL life is good :)

Random Magus said...

I am so glad to hear that.

Just the last leg of a journey - which is always the toughest. Thanks !

Amel's Realm:
Hey thank you. When I do get the time I am so exhausted that my brain is blank.

Blur Ting:

Jean-Luc Picard:
Whenever I get the chance, I'll be peeking in!

the domestic minx:
Your book is going to be beyond delicious and that I know for a fact!

Hey Rebecca great to hear from you...

Sandip Maiti:
You are to blame for my postcard addiction:)

meleah rebeccah:
Hey girlfriend! I am waiting for you to come to Dubai to party with me :)

The Real Mother Hen:
I am virtually exhausted as well ;)

Ricardo said...

We all get busy. I've been caught up in things as well and it's been hard to find time for my blog as well. Take your time. We'll be around.

Random Magus said...

ricardo: I know what you mean - I got a little time yesterday and I did some caching up.

Mariuca said...

Amber, I must try making these lovely postcards! They seem like so much fun to do!
Anyway, I've just tagged u on a cool meme, come see!

Mark said...

Congratulations on all of your rewards. Hope life settles down for you. Miss your voice.

Random Magus said...

I'll send you the invitation. It is a lot of fun :) said...

Thank you Mark