Sunday, April 22, 2007

On the Inside

It's funny how everything begins inside... the same set of circumstances can have you feel totally different depending on what's going on inside of you!

The same thing that could bring you immense joy can at times leave you stone cold, totally untouched and something that made you extremely sad and broke your heart could could have absolutely no effect whatsoever.

So if only we could learn to control the thermostat inside of us, where all feelings originate life would be so much easier. It's much like physical pain - where you actually feel the pain is your head not the area where you are hurt, that's why lepers can feel no pain because the sensors that carry the message to the brain are impaired. Not that I'm saying that we should become emotional lepers or anything like that. Perhaps a tad control freakish would be good though!

My dad always gave me one piece of advice [God give him a long, happy life] never make a decision when under the sway of emotions. In throes of extreme passion we all almost always make decisions we shouldn't or do things that we later regret. Bitterly!

Because when that passion simmers, and simmer it will as passion by its very definition is not made to last, reason will prevail. So if your decision is not made at the moment of rationality you're screwed.

Inside all of us are rational so it makes sense to wait for the high of emotions to come down before making any sort of decision because it's only then that we can see how we really truly feel about something.

Because in life everything passes all emotions come to rest, so give yourself breathing space and time before you leap!

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Bridge said...

I like your thoughts, so I translated it into Chinese and posted your article and my translation on my blog. :)