Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I got into this horrid catfight this Friday. Some skank [seriously she was] who took an immediate dislike to me and I think on some level I to her.

We were at a great club its on the roof of a hotel and is called 360 degrees as it is round... there are casual sofas and bean bags around, there is a bar and a dance floor the hotel overlooks the bay and is pretty scenic!

Pretty awesome. Picure below

So this girl was dancing by this sofa for quite a bit and then she moved on and left for the dance floor [I presume]. I thought she had left so we took over the table as by now it was empty, this is a club folks and a casual one. Anyway Lady Macbeth came back to the table and lost it when she saw us sitting there, as we were a group of girls and this one seemed the insecure sort who don't want any competition around.

I hate confrontations and am in fact bit of coward when it comes to physical violence. Just love watching it [Kill Bill's one of my favs] but not indulging in it...but this girl's attitude just pissed me off real bad. So I asked her had she paid for the table [as there are no reservations] Anyway to cut a long story sort we got into a semi-massive fight. No punches were thrown but she scratched my arm and I called her a 'ugly skank'.

So this got me into thinking...

There are some people that we immediately take a liking to, it’s instinctive and on the other hand we meet some people that we just can’t abide.

And this is all in the first meeting; I’m talking about our instinctive reactions, which are not based on experience.

I wonder why this is?

Maybe before we came into this world we existed as thoughts in God’s mind, similar thoughts are of course bunched together and they stay on the same wavelength and opposing thoughts would of course be on a different length.

So that moment of familiarity is because as thoughts we knew each other and now on some primitive level we recognize that connection and of course the vice versa for people who just raise our heckles.

Just a thought!!!

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The Real Mother Hen said...

Ha this is a funny post, but good! Actually instant like/dislike only exists when your livelihood doesn't depend on it... like you may dislike her even she is the Queen of England but you certainly won't instantly dislike/like if she is the daughter of your dad's boss, or a sister of the guy you really like etc. So let's hope that she isn't even the daughter of your professor :)