Thursday, April 5, 2007

Boy! do I feel low

So I was just checking out some other blogs and my self confidence right now is like below freezing. Man they are so good. They make the most ordinary events exciting and fun to read about.
Events which if I were to write about would garner responses such as, 'Yes and your point is?' or 'why are you telling me this', 'you're not very funny' etc. Okay so you get the point.
Its pretty crappy that I am not exceptional at whatever I like. That sucks!
As a kid I wanted to be a world famous pianist with visions of people thunderously applauding at the end of a virtuoso performance.
Or a painter with my work the talk of the town.
Or a singer with the voice of nightingale.... a voice that Keats would wax lyricals over.
Or a raging beauty that women were jealous of and men lusted after.
But it didn't happen. Nah!
So I decided that I would do nothing at all - mediocrity is death
Actually I lied... I am exceptional at one thing. I'm an exceptional Drama Queen.

P.S. So my strategy is to do nothing at all

P.S [afterthought]: Except I am doing something.. I am writing this blog [I told you I'm bi-polar]

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