Sunday, April 29, 2007

Childhood's End

When we are kids all of us have such big dreams - there is no possibility of failure. We all genuinely think we are capable of anything. Nothing is impossible

And as we grow, we are taught to fear. It starts with the bogeyman and then we are given little capsules of fear intermittently... 'Don't talk to strangers', 'Don't touch this or...', 'Don't misbehave or' etc etc.

Slowly our invincibility diminishes and we learn that we are capable of failure. And as time passes it grows worse ... there are no more 'happy ever-afters' to believe. There is no certainty that the bad guys will be punished - there is no more contentment in having a beautiful doll house.

So what happens to us - what kills our immortality? Is it growing up or is it not keeping that child alive by sometimes making horrendous mistakes?

Being foolish - being a kid. Believing even when we fail.

Just keeping on moving not to reach a destination but to enjoy the road!


Titania Starlight said...

Well said! I too believe that society steals our hope and childlike wonderment.

I however have chose not to go with the tide of negativity and seek the enchantment in own life. It is rubbing off in my husband. Wherever we go people notice how much fun we have and how we make those around us feel better.

My husband is 50 and I am 39. You could never tell it. Age is a state of mind. When we realize we lost our inner child we must make great efforts to make sure we allow that child back in. It sure would make for a better world if we all could do this. Great blog. :o)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Whenever I look back, I either surprise myself with a new relization or shock myself to death! :(