Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Ignorance Bliss?

The more you think the unhappier you get?????

For me the answer to this question has always been in the affirmative. Ever since my teens I have been racking my brains trying to find answers to countless questions. At the time most girls think only of make up and the next cute guy, one of my best friends [the both of us now share a blog called 'Circle of Friends'] and I would be sitting and discussing the moral fibre of everyone we knew and of course the eternal question 'what is the purpose of life'. We did the regular girlie things as well, but meaningful discourse was a great part of my life then [not that it isn't now but sadly the meeting with like-minded people has been limited]. Maybe this exercise in blogging will change that.

Now after years comes the realization that the key to being happy may lie in not thinking, being unaware. You must have met so many people who are happy and cheerful because they never think about the 'human condition' or questions like 'why are people so afraid of doing the right thing?' 'Are values inborn? if yes then how come two siblings can have a whole different set of values that shape them as a human being?' And a host of other questions.

But I also know for a fact I wouldn't trade my thoughts for ignorant bliss although sometimes I wonder if that's a wise thing! For me it's actually a lot of fun thinking about... rambling on and on and discussing these questions with the few similarly disposed-to-mental-agonizing people that I meet, albeit very infrequently. It's the most fun I have. There's nothing like sitting with friends or strangers and letting your mind go and talking and discussing... it's amazing how many facets you discover about yourself.

But unfortunately now people are afraid to talk about anything meaningful, in this world of mass production and fast churning out of products that we live in, the only thing people want to discuss is the next fashion to be heralded in, the best car to have or the swanky parties to go to. [Maybe I ain't meeting the right people:(]

Anyway coming back to the original question. What should ultimately be the goal to life... to have all the answers? to find the ultimate meaning of existence? Feel proud of your mental exercises? be a mental snob or just be happy?
Sometimes I simply don't know the answer.


bookworM said...

Just to be happy is already an awesome goal.

Random Magus said...

I know but that's so hard to do. Thanks for stopping by