Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Words... they leave me speechless

I have always had a weakness for words and people who use them beautifully, to the extent that even when you know the other person is just playing with words strewing them together in such a manner as to get the most perfect combination – a sentence with every word artfully placed in the most exquisite manner, you’re still enthralled.

Words come before feelings sometimes or rather words seduce you into feeling. Think about it what attracts us to a person? Physical attraction alone is not enough it’s the words the other person uses, words to beguile us, words to lead us into thinking that we are special, we are beautiful and all that jazz.

Sometimes we get carried away with the headiness words provoke, and so starts an affair with each other’s words. Their power is more dangerous than any drugs because they let the adrenaline rush straight to your head, figuratively speaking.

They don’t have to be sincere to charm you if you’re a connoisseur of words they just have to be a blend of emotions and just the right psychological choice for you, working at the precise moment to bring down your defenses most effectively.

They invite you into the psyche of the person wielding them and when two people who are equally good with words get together the result is blindingly beautiful, whether it be romantic, spiritual or just purely intellectual.

Written words give even more power to their creator, because you can read them again and again in the exact same manner that the writer intended you to read.

But it’s wise to stand your guard against them because they can deceive you and sometimes it’s too late before you realize that your infatuation with words can be fatal!

Words…. They really leave me speechless!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you ever read The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks?

One of the main characters has a son who has speech difficulties, and he often doesn't understand what people are asking of him.

One point that the main character (Denise) made is that without her 5 year old son being able to understand words, she couldn't keep him safe.

Did you know that a hot iron will burn you before you touch it?
Why do you know that it's not good to be in the jaws of an alligater?

Becuause someone told you.

Idk, but I thought that that was a reallt intresting post! Nice writing! :)

Random Magus said...

Thanks - this book sounds really interesting I am going to get it