Saturday, May 5, 2007

Favorite Post of 2007 Meme

Peter Haslem tagged me in a post which I saw yesterday... about my favorite post of the year.

I'll do this in two parts - my favourite post and I'll tag my favorite bloggers, the ones I visit almost daily...

So here goes

Favorite Post [in my month since blogging] Things That Stand Out
Blogs I visit regularly

1. The Real Mother Hen
2. Greg's Brain
3. Greg's Writing Blog
3. Cochise
4. Blur ting
5. Peter Haslem

And a new one which left me the cutest and most fun comment ever Quasar and another fun blog I discovered called Mental Blog

In keeping with memes if tagged provide a link to Jeremy Jacobs as the originator and one back to the person that tagged you.


Peter Haslam said...

I can see why it is your favorite post I also enjoyed it

The Real Mother Hen said...

Thank you thank you. Oh man I feel so honored :) I read yours all the time too :)

Random Magus said...

It's so amazing to have discovered blogging - get to see so many diverse points of view and such fine minds

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Random Magus, thanks for the mention

Love the story from old things, especially the bit about waking up in the morning only to be told some 'heart stopping' news by the stranger he'd just spent the night with. Well it's not only putting your fingers in the light socket or the back of a tv, can stop your heart - and you don't need to fall on your face in front of a rushing car to see your life pass before your eyes.

Love the pic of Cochise too
And Peter Haslam Master Reike healer, well we are all looking for good vibrations, and when we are in tune with our surroundings and the 'moment' we can surf on top of the waves - or like trapeze artists fly thru the air!

Wishing you all a great remainder to the Bank Holiday weekend.

Blur Ting said...

Heeyy, I enjoy reading yours too! Through yours, I have also found some really nice blogs.

Random Magus said...

We should make a network or something that would be neat.

Cochise said...

Hi, RM!

Thanks you, girl, you’re very sweet. It's very kind of you to mention my blog. As a matter of fact, I'm very honored that you like the stuff I keep posting and waist your time (a bright busy girl like you!) visiting Apache, now and then.

Greetings from Europe!

Random Magus said...

Cochise: Not a waste at all - it makes my day and puts a smile on my face. Who could ask for more!