Thursday, May 10, 2007

Socially Retarded: Thursday Thirteen...attempt #2

Thirteen Reasons Why I Think I Might Be Socially Retarded :(

1. It's easier for me to connect to people on a mental plane here on planet blog rather than in daily life. Sad but true.

2. I actually 'dread' making plans on the phone and beg my husband to do it. Not exaggerating

3. I'd rather read a good book or be on my computer than go out with people [except going dancing...I just love dancing - you don't have to be very socially accomplished to do that]

4. The problem is that when I put my mind to it I can be quite great at being the life of the party even, but the pleasure/pain trade-off doesn't make it worth the effort.

5. At times, if there's the biggest shoe around I will find it to put in my mouth. Sometimes I don't think before I talk - for example I actually called someone else a social retard on their face once [I had called myself one too, but still] not even thinking that they may not like it. I honestly thought it was a compliment and was made to realize later that it was stupid! It doesn't happen very often but when it does its bad!

6. I am argumentative and like to have the last word - and sometimes get carried away in the heat of the conversation. Can end up being extremely sarcastic. [Characteristic - Under renovation/repair]

7. My MBA has made my social degeneration truly complete. Full circle here!

8. I'm very honest - and at the same time I don't like hurting people's feelings so the best alternative is not to meet many people

9. I have been spoiled by the fact that I have 4 best friends since childhood - and everyone else pales in comparison to them plus I don't like to gossip - except maybe with them. Unfortunately we all live thousands of miles apart :(

10. I hate the concept of networking - its seems to me like one is using people. I find that very distasteful. If someone doesn't interest me I don't see the point of hanging out just for the sake of having a 'big' social group.

11. I look very different from what I feel - so people end up think I'm some cute silly girl [the fact that I used to be a host for some entertainment kind of show on Tv doesn't help -I'm labeled & stereotyped] that annoys me terribly and so I act even more stupid then they think I am

12. I'm making this list - what does that say...

13. I think that maybe I like to take cover in calling myself socially retarded, I am actually an abnormally lazy bum

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Titania Starlight said...

I didn't get to play Thursday 13 today. I was busy with hubby.

Well... after reading your reasons why you think you are socially retarded I would have to say I am a lot like you. I prefer my own company and I am very selective of who I choose to be my friends. I hate phones in the worse way and may not return a call for days if at all! I'm not into parties and never have ever went to an office or company party. Blech! I also never went out with the girls from work. They were all bitches except for one and she was like me. I am so bad. :o)~

This was a real good meme!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sparks shine in your blog.
Socially retarded is good. If you are not socially retarded, how can you feel pain and have feelings to write such beautiful poems? Some times socially retarded can be a gift from God. By the way, I recited a sentence form your poem yeaterday and got my teacher in shock.

Said by the one forgot his password

The Real Mother Hen said...

This blog shows your bravery :)

Loon said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I thoroughly enjoy yours :) The thursday thirteen you did seems very cathartic. I would love to participate in it, but the site is not working for me!

Oh and as far as calling someone a social retard ... well I've been known to blurt out plenty of things in mixed company without finding out one's reaction first. I lack tact unless I force myself to think. Which is why (normally) in writing I CAN be quite tactful. But when speaking - ha not so much ;)

Email - loonarlanding @

Random Magus said...

Thank you!!!