Friday, May 18, 2007


Lately I seem to be surrounded by high relationship dramas of he said, she said. Since these days I’m so obsessed with blogging, I thought why not share my thoughts with you - my whacky theory about Adam, Eve and their blasted apple.

Even people reading this who don’t believe in religion are familiar with Adam and Eve right? so don't go all judgmental but read with a pinch of salt

Eve forces Adam out of Heaven…

Story Begins…
He never forgave her for it and neither have the generations of men following. Their collective consciousness, as I like to think of it, still harbors unconscious and for some very conscious resentment of all Eves.

Everything that goes wrong in their life is traced back to a woman, from a crappy boss to a bad job to a miserable life – it is all her fault as after all it was a woman who displaced the prince from the throne

Sometimes I think all this trouble for one measly apple?

But of course it wasn’t really about the apple was it.

Eve didn’t really care about the apple it didn’t matter whether it was sweet or sour and she didn’t particularly want to eat it either. She wanted to see if she could make Adam have it… prove his love so to speak [and so came the snake slithering in…]

The apple was never the issue - the issue was power - hers over him.

Story Continues...
And to this day the same story continues. All relationships are power games, some very subtle and running totally undercover and others not so subtle. There are apples all around disguised in so many shapes and forms, some cajoling, others shoving it down someone’s throat. And the name of the snake in this story is power a.k.a control

In the beginning the power issue is covered by the headiness of new love, couples lost in the hazy glow of love, ecstatic with euphoria, which they insist on sharing with all and sundry in unabashed displays of public affection. So what if 6 months down the road we have our aforementioned friend rear its smooth, round and perfectly delicious head.

Of course any reading this post currently in that particular phase of love will shake their heads disdainfully – but you’ll see what I mean. It happens to everyone even people happily married. Power and its distribution is what makes everything run. The human race is all about 'survive or perish' and to survive we need power – either to relinquish all of it or to wield it.
Not to digress from the topic of relationship [wonder if I ever got there] of men, women and of course apples… basically we repeat and relive the Adam, Eve saga with bizarre twists and storylines

The Adam who likes to think he is in control but isn’t meets the Eve who actually is

In this case our Adam likes to think he has the power and is a forceful, dominating person but actually isn’t. If humans behaved rationally he would be attracted to an Eve who would cajole, feed and flatter him, and make a nice pie out of that apple… he would do anything for her – you could maybe even find him putting the toilet seats down and or helping Eve with household chores. I think I'm getting too fanciful here...
All he needs is a couple of massages, nicely cooked meals not necessarily every day, compliments and to be made to feel like he is indeed the king of the castle.
But of course human nature being perverse there are far more chances that he will be attracted to an altogether different sort of Eve... this one means business. No flattery or massages here.
She won’t let him get away with pretending he is running the show... its equal or nothing. Apple sliced down straight in the middle.
Of course initially poor Adam huffs and puffs trying to bring the house down... he shouts and throws a tantrum she throws a bigger one…

There are other scenarios…
Control Freak Eve and an even more controlling Adam
Passive Aggressive Eve and a slightly dominating Adam [that’s me and hubby]

…. But their tales can wait, for now I’m going to eat my apple!

This article is not meant to offend anyone and if it did it’s all the fault of the apple on my right ;)


HollyGL said...

Great analysis of some of the ways power plays a part on the personal front. Not one of us is immune to power struggles of some sort in our relationships. Well, maybe the Dalai Lama...

QUASAR9 said...

lol Random Magus
You are right it wasn't about the apple

It was about the Cherry
and then all hell broke loose
from crappy nappies
to sleepless nights
to medical bills
need I go on

Paradise lost for a 'night' of passion?

QUASAR9 said...

Alas, and they promise 99 virgins in heaven
So does heaven only last ninety nine days (or rather nights)
Or does man resist temptation and re-enter heaven (or make heaven last).
It is said, the best way to ensure 'heaven' on Earth is to treat your woman as if it were the first time - every time!

One thing is for sure, generally 'men' spend most of their life trying to get back into where they came out of.

Random Magus said...

hollygl: Thanks.
I wonder how he must have battled the temptation in the path?

quasar9: Your comments always crack me up...
still laughing...
more laughing

Random Magus said...

...still laughing

Gregory A. Becerra said...

You say "read with a pinch of salt" but then part of your argument depends on us accepting some level of truth to the Adam and Eve story because you claim there is still "resentment of all Eves." If there is a collective consciousness, then this should affect me, but it doesn't.

Have you read the much older Epic of Gilgamesh? Try reading just the first tablet.

Copies always lose something in the translation.

Random Magus said...

So from the beginning of time [even the oldest stories] have women as responsible for 'taming' men or making them loose control.. let's see we have Delilah, we have Lilith, always women leading men astray.
Doesn't that come in collective consciousness?
All our stories, all our mythology centers around portraying women [especially the ones married/in a relationship] in a certain way.

Take Hera/Zeus as a prime example!

...and Greg we all have exceptions to the rule don't we?
And that comes through actively shaping ourselves to be different - don't we take new shapes as we grow in knowledge?

Gregory A. Becerra said...

Random Magus, you are creating a bit of a contradiction for yourself with "collective consciousness" contending with "actively shaping ourselves to be different".

Gilgamesh is the oldest recorded story that we have. Period. It isn't like the others were written at the same time.

Religions' M.O. is to move into a geographic region and co-opt all the "pagan" stories and rituals into their own. The story of Adam and Eve is the story of Enkidu and the Harlot. If you read the rest of Gilgamesh, you will find many of the other stories also found in the Old Testament.

Stories that are similar to stories that came before are that way because the writer was culturally influenced by what came before him/her. Shakespeare is a prime example. Totally unoriginal except for 1 or 2 plays (and poetry). Everything else was borrowed. He didn't pluck it from the universal tree of consciousness, he read it in a book.

Random Magus said...

Isn't 'culturally influenced' also borrowing from the pool of collective consciousness?

Our shared beliefs have to have some origin don't they. If I'm not mistaken it is the historical experiences collectively instilled in all of us...

There can be a collective consciousness but our active consciousness plays a bigger part in our role development doesn't it?

Do we have to be slaves to it - there are a lot of things that I am conscious of about myself - but I do work on changing the ones I don't like. Or at least try to fight the 'collective consciousness' that distorts my view of certain things.

Or is it that my understanding of what 'collective consciousness' is, is itself skewed?

Gregory A. Becerra said...

You may have to be more specific about what you mean by collective consciousness. Sigmund Freud with his idea about the super conscious alludes to something a bit greater than just a cultural identity or group thing. Carl Jung takes it further with the idea of archetypes. They lead to the idea that there is a consciousness that is outside of our own that we are somehow plugged in to.

I'm not saying that, I'm saying we learn by taking information into our personal consciousness. Even if there were a super consciousness, if we moved closer to it, we would lose our individual identity and cease to exists.

I have a completely different view on consciousness that I'll post about sometime later.

paisley said...

after reading the story and all the comments i am exhausted... i think i like the idea of cyber relationships with people... they are alot easier....all i have to do is click..and i disappear......

Peter Haslam said...

It depends on how you look at data. Ideas are the portal through which we look at data to turn it into information. Collective consciousness could be termed previous ideas preserved by stories. They represent the perceptions of the times often passed by oral traditions and needed to be in terms understood by the people of the times. Our current favorite stories are about science. :) I enjoyed the exercise in thinking.

Titania Starlight said...

I won't get all technical on this post. I will keep it simple... I LOVED IT!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! :o)~

Have an awesome weekend!

rohaizad said...

From the beginning till now, a tale oft repeated. We can only endure what we have to endure and make best of the situation we are in.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks for the visit and comment, very nice! and great thinking post too! ha ha

smiles, bee

Jeff said...

Good post. My Eve nags till she gets her way. When I finally have to step up and put a stop to it on an important issue (the "picking your battle" approach), her head explodes. Then I have to hose down the walls for a while.

:) Silvia said...

:-D - that's just life the way it really is!