Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Case of the Road that Vanished

I was on my way to College today, we had to go to do our group work assignment and I had asked one of my group members to pick me up.

I was showing off my knowledge of the shortest route to college, the one I take everyday... we are driving along and all of a sudden the turn that we always takes seems to have disappeared. We are lost and I'm aghast especially since for half the drive I had been boasting about the superiority of the route I took everyday
I am shocked - a road is a physical tangible reality wtf where did it go? A road can't just vanish into thin air!

The route I have been using it for months had changed in a span of one week.
It was shocking and funny in a not so amusing way as we were getting late for college.

After repeating 'how the **** can a road vanish' over and over, till my friend must have wanted to choke me to silence. I realized that of course the road had not disappeared only our access to it had changed.

Much like life... sometimes our path gets lost and we think its gone - its not gone. Just the way to get to the road has changed - the road is still there. We can reach it if we try to find another route that leads to it. Just access it from a different angle

It was such a subtle realization... exquisite even.

Unfortunately I don't think I did justice in the way I described it. But sometimes words no matter how well strung together can never do justice to a thought!


Cochise said...

Hi, RM!

There is an old Portuguese proverb that says: “Those who get lost on the way to school will never find their way through life.” (Just kidding!).
Is this post merely a report, a science fiction scenario, or is it, rather, a philosophical exercise?

Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Greetings from Europe!

Random Magus said...

It happened today and I was literally flabbergasted

I think it's all three

Report: Presentation of facts
Science Fiction: It seemed that the road had been abducted by aliens
Philosophical Exercise: Since one needs exercise and I'm too darned lazy to work out I just make do with a philosophical one ;)
Although I do realize I keep rambling on...

Zsolt said...

it must have been scarry! Now I am going to the downtown with my bike..if I never comment again it means I got lost among the vanished roads:)

Buttercup said...

RM, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I liked your story and am impressed that you could take a life lesson from such a bizarre occurrence. I too would have been like WTF?