Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What if we had 3 eyes?

So my last post got me thinking of the subjectivity of our view of beauty.

Imagine if all of us had been born with three eyes - then that would be normal. And if we ever saw someone with two eyes we'd think that they were a freak. We'd be pointing fingers and thinking 'oh the poor guy/girl'

How funny - the monster would be a two-eyed monster - [hey I think I am getting confused here, it wasn't a three eyed monster but a three-headed dog called Cerberus, hound of Hades. Anyway I am sure there is a monster in fiction with 3 eyes... as long as you get the point.

What we are used to seeing becomes normal and even beautiful for us and anything not familiar is automatically 'ugly' or freakish.

I suppose part of our defense mechanism... the human imperative to survive or perish


Cochise said...

Hi, RM!

Metaphorically or literally speaking?
In either case, it wouldn’t make any difference… to me. Some people already treat me as if we had three eyes! (I wonder if we could see 4D!)

Thanks for the link. I have reciprocated.

P.S. - (Please enlight me: where are you blogging from? I assumed that you are from the USA. Don’t tell me you are from… Czechoslovakia?!)

Greetings from Western Europe!

Badthing1 said...

Hi RM :)

I love your mind!

BELIEVE me, I get the point you are making.

I used to work with physically challenged children and adults and this experience has taught me more about human beings and their ignorance, bigotry, fears, compassion and kindness than most people learn in a lifetime and I am grateful for this.

I've placed your blog in my favorites because I want to read more.

Peace, love, understanding and respect.

Franco said...

Hi..thanks for visiting my blog, Your blog is nice and cool. Love it!! Interesting stuff to read.



Franco said...

Hi..thanks for visiting my blog, Your blog is nice and cool. Love it!! Interesting stuff to read.



The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh 3 eyes still ok, imagine if we have 2 mouths, imagine all the gossip and noise that we will be making, boy everyone will go insane hahaha :)
Well, seriously, I think you touch on a very good subject! Your thought process is very fine.

Random Magus said...

Cochise: That would be so cool if we could see 4D. I am from Dubai.

the real mother hen: I was chuckling thinking about two mouths - it would be such a loud place...I wonder if they would start talking together and then fight with one another about who's turn it was to talk???

Leon said...

Three eyes would be okay but glasses would be more expensive. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Random, I just found your site coming from another blog that linked me to another... and so on. I'm just starting mine (hope you visit and like it ^^) so these days I'm reading lots of interesting stuff.
This post was awesome, as well as the one on art. Our perception of art and beauty is clearly determined by who and where we are and besides personal tastes, what we and other people see as the "definition" of beauty (nowadays, widely spread by the media).
Nice thoughts, I'll be reading,