Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Moments: Thursday Thirteen...attempt # 3

Thirteen Happy Moments had in the past year
[at least the ones I have pictures of]

Have to admit I stole the idea from Empress Bee [please don't have me beheaded.. my only sin was a brain 'less' of ideas]

1. Hubby's Birthday [May 15, 2007]

2. This was a seriously amazing cake & looked beautiful too.. with fruits sprinkled with golden dust
3. Sweets for my sweet

4. My 3 loves

5. Aby & I at his mom's house on our last visit

6. The ultimate thrill of all times...

7. My best friend [at some birthday]

8. Aby & I chillin' [thats the Burj-Al-Arab in the background]

9. At Cirque Du Soliel - they performed in Dubai recently.

10. Posin' away with my uber cool mom-in-law [that was a happy happy day]

11. At a rocking party

12. At 360 [a cool bar on top of a hotels roof]

13. Mall of Emirates [they keep having random stuff - its fun to watch]

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Gregory A. Becerra said...

I love that cake, and the hotel shot. Doesn't that hotel have the "underwater" resturant? And the faux submarine ride to get to it?

If so, all'y'all should go eat there and get some pictures to post.

Random Magus said...

The food at the restaurant which you go through the submarine [its a simulated ride] is atrociously expensive and so not worth it.
I was quite disappointed.
The 'underwater' is a huge aquarium....
Most people seem to love it but I think that's just the snob factor.
People just have to love everything they pay through the nose for..otherwise its unjustified and can't be rationalized!

Random Magus said...

I think I have some pictures I'll have to look for them...they were taken by the good old fashioned camera

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i want to go to dubai!!111 so bad!!

and you can borrow any idea i have any time honey!!

smiles. bee

Random Magus said...

When you do visit Dubai, we absolutely MUST meet. I'll show you around. The best months to come are from November till March [the rest of the time, like now, it's like an oven]

Titania Starlight said...

Those were great pics. That cake is da bomb! I once worked at a casino in Vegas as a pastry chef! Woo hoo! I love baking. :o)

Blur Ting said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing those photos. You look gorgeous!

Random Magus said...


Old-Things said...

Hiya Random. I love the newfound positive focus. I have a friend that you remind me of. She had some incredibly tough things happen to her when she was very young. Around 18-21 she was having a really tough time of it but she has become progressively happier as she has gotten a bit older. Time can heal anything if you give it the time.

I was quiet for a while but I have a couple of new posts.

Michelle said...

Oh wow. That is an amazing cake! Cute hubby. I can see why he gets into the top of the list. :-)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. and to answer your question. Yes, the bar did hurt, but feeling a total idiot hurt more. LOL

You were on TV? wow! :) Exciting, but scary. It's bad enough trying to watch our wedding dvd.

Random Magus said...

Thanks - the cake tasted so delicious, I forgot all my 'eating sensibly' plans and the hubby is kinda cute;)

I feel so conscious seeing myself on screen its unbelievable...

Mariuca said...

What a lovely couple you guys make, and the cake looks divine! :)

Random Magus said...