Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's a Wonderful Life: Meme

I've been tagged by Greg from Greg's Brain and Greg's Writing Blog to list 10 things that make my life wonderful.

This is of course assuming that I find my life wonderful. I like living and all but wonderful is too ambitious a word. I am contented with fun and liveable

10 things that make life... liveable & fun!

1. My husband [He sees me and loves at my best and worst, and the worst is not so pretty]
2. My Cats [I can communicate with them. Truly]
3. Food [second best source of pleasure in life]
4. Reading [ties with food]
5. Getting Compliments [just makes ma day - sounds terribly vain doesn't it?]
6. My computer [takes me to virtually another universe - I absolutely LOVE it]
7. Thinking [Keeps me alive]
8. Arguing [Keeps me stimulated]
9. Not having to worry about making ends meet [Maslow's Hierarchy]
10. Being healthy and blessed [The greatest gift of all]

3 new blog mates I'd like to tag [forgive me if you don't like being tagged and feel free to ignore - no hard feelings!]

1. HollyGL
2. Journal of a Supposedly Tofu Addict
3. Tigergirl [She has the most awesome funky jewelry - do check it out]

All the blogs listed in this post are very well written and a lot of fun to visit!

P.S. I edited the list to add reasons to why these things make my top 10 list, thanks to Greg!


HollyGL said...

Well, I am just unbelievably flattered! Thank you! :)

Random Magus said...

It is wonderful visiting your blog... you write very well

Gregory A. Becerra said...

Hey, that's eleven. And why did you capitalize "Cats", but you left "husband" lowercase? Was he standing over your shoulder, so you had to bump him up to number 1?

Random Magus said...

lol.... in fact he told me that I should put him as number 6...

tigergirl said...

I'm flattered too - oh no, now I've got to try to live up to the praise ....

tigergirl said...


Jeff said...

So that is how Hollygl got that meme! Thanks for following it along to me!