Monday, May 7, 2007

Post Inspired by a Fellow Blogger

Whenever I visit Cochise aka Apache's site - it brings a smile to my face so I thought since I have been rambling on and on about heavy stuff - here's to laughter, light and sunshine



Peter Haslam said...

They are great. Loved it

The Real Mother Hen said...

yeah work for the Govt is the best :) everyday reading and replying emails :)

Adam said...

Heya Random! Just checking in. I like the new picture and the post is cute. I worked for the Treasury for 6 months and the guy in the cubicle next to me would get in at 8:30AM and stare at his blank computer screen for 3.5 hours until it was time for lunch. True story. It wasn't a "I'm going postal" stare...more of a "Bill Murray in 'Lost in Translation' stare". At least he didn't snore. :) Stay focused! -Adam

Cochise said...

Hi, RM!

...Those sweet little things called children!
This is the kind of post that always works out perfectly, don't you agree? And, then, who doesn't like the little "bastards"?!

Greetings from Europe!

Titania Starlight said...

That was so cute!! It is good to be light hearted whenever you can. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated. :o)

Random Magus said...

Totally - I think children have it right all along.

Had a funny thought imagine if there were only children in the world - hmmm

Wonder how dirty their elections would be!

Random Magus said...

Its always nice to come to your blog - you have made it so pretty and so fun